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Junior Team Schedule

Post by Arthur Wolf » Tue May 13, 2008 11:42 pm

Wanless Coaches
Christer Ahlvik - Wanless White
Sarah Wolf - Wanless Red

2008 Schedule

May 3
Wanless Red @ Moore Park
Rosedale @ Dentonia
Kew Green @ SWCPTC
Leaside @ Wanless White
Granite Club @ Kew Blue

May 10
SWCPTC @ Wanless Red
Wanless White @ Kew Green
Moore @ Granite Club
Dentonia @ Leaside
Kew Blue @ Rosedale

May 17
No matches on Victoria Day Weekend

May 24
Wanless Red @ Leaside
Kew Green @ Dentonia
Granite @ SWCPTC
Wanless White @ Kew Blue
Rosedale @ Moore

May 31
Wanless White @ Granite
Dentonia @ Wanless Red
SWCPTC @ Rosedale
Kew Blue @ Moore
Kew Green @ Leaside

June 7
Granite @ Dentonia
Rosedale @ Wanless White
Wanless Red @ Kew Blue
Kew Green @ Moore
Leaside @ SWCPTC

June 14
City Wide Flighted Tournament

Each team may enter one doubles team in each of 3 flights. Please submit your line-up by e-mail no later than June 10. To be eligible to play participants must have played at least twice during the regular season for their respective teams. It is therefore recommended to qualify additional players in case of last minute withdrawals and consequent replacement.

U12 players at Sir Winston Churchill Park TC
3rd flight at 4:00 pm, 2nd flight at 5:15 pm and 1st flight at 6:30 pm
U18 players at Wanless Park TC
3rd flight at 3 pm, 2nd flight at 4:15 pm and 1st flight at 5:30 pm

If you have questions, please contact Arthur Wolf

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