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Junior Tennis Teams

Post by Arthur Wolf » Wed May 03, 2006 3:24 pm

Please find the Schedule of home and away games for the Junior Doubles Teams.

The coaches are Bob Hillhouse and Shaun Campbell.

May 6
Donalda @ Boulevard (U12 only)
Wanless Red @ Dentonia
Leaside @ Kew Blue (U18 only)
Rosedale @ Moore Park
BYE - Granite Club
Kew Green @ SWCPTC
Rosethorn @ Wanless White

May 13
Kew Green @ Donalda
Dentonia @ Leaside
Rosedale @ Kew Blue (U18 only)
Moore Park @ SWCPTC
Wanless White @ Granite Club
BYE - Wanless Red
Boulevard @ Rosethorn (U12 only)

May 20
No matches on Victoria Day Weekend

May 27
Leaside @ Donalda
Rosedale @ Dentonia
Wanless Red @ SWCPTC
Granite @ Moore Park
BYE - Kew Blue (U18 only)
Boulevard @ Wanless White (U12 only)
Kew Green @ Rosethorn

June 3
Rosedale @ Leaside
Donalda @ SWCPTC
Kew Blue @ Dentonia (U18 only)
BYE - Moore Park
Kew Green @ Wanless White
Wanless Red @ Boulevard (U12 only)
Granite @ Rosethorn

June 10
Rosedale @ Donalda
Granite @ SWCPTC
Wanless Red @ Leaside
BYE - Wanless White
Kew Blue @ Moore Park (U18 only)
Boulevard @ Kew Green (U12 only)
Rosethorn @ Dentonia

June 17
Donalda @ Granite
SWCPTC @ Kew Blue (U18 only)
Leaside @ Moore Park
Wanless White @ Dentonia
BYE - Boulevard (u12 only)
Kew Green @ Rosedale
Rosethorn @ Wanless Red

June 24
City Wide Flighted Tournament

Each team may enter one doubles team in each of 3 flights. Please submit your line-up by e-mail no later than June 22

U12 players at Sir Winston Churchill Park TC
U18 players at Wanless Park TC

3rd flight at 2 pm, 2nd flight at 3:15 pm and 3rd flight at 4:30 pm

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