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Wanless Cup Rules

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All matches are best two out of three sets, with a super tiebreak in place of a full third set, limited by two hours. Just a reminder that a super tiebreak is first to 10 points, must win by 2 points. A regular tiebreaker to 7 points, win by 2 in a regular set will be played when the score reaches 5-5. Games are played with a three-point deuce, so one full deuce then sudden death. In mixed doubles receiver should be women/women or men/men. Otherwise, it is receivers choice.

Each set won will count as one point. In the unlikely event that the match can’t be completed within the two hours, the team that is ahead by 2 games (or two points in the case of the super tiebreak) will get a point for the set that is being played at the end of two hours. If not, the set is considered a tie, and the point is split. No points are awarded in an unfinished set unless TWO games have been completed.

Similar to interclub league play, if you show up over 15 minutes late, your team will forfeit the line.
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