2003 Club Tournament

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2003 Club Tournament

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September 4 to 21, 2003

Fun, friendly competition and prizes

Categories (depending on turnout):

Menís A and B Singles
Menís A and B Doubles
Mixed A and B Doubles
Junior Doubles
Ladies A and B Singles
Ladies A and B Doubles
Under 16/14/12 Singles
Junior Novice Singles

A Level high intermediate or better
B Level low to average intermediate

If you play or have played on a Wanless interclub team you are an A player.

Junior Novice is a junior member who may have attended the novice lessons and has not really played full games yet. They need to be able to serve from the baseline and play full court. Help with scoring and positioning will be provided.

Sign Up
E-mail the attached Excel sign-up sheet to the tournament director or call the clubhouse at 416-483-4546 to sign up. You may enter more than one event but only at either the A or B level. If you do not have a doubles partner, we will try our best to find you one. For the Junior Doubles event you will be matched up with a partner. To be eligible to sign up and out of courtesy to all participants, you must be prepared to play on any day between September 4 and 21. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, September 2, 2003 at 9:00 p.m.

Finals Weekend
All finals are scheduled to be held in the afternoon on Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21. The rain date will be Sunday, September 28. The Junior Novice event will be a supervised match held on September 20 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Plan to come out and cheer on our finalists. Bring your friends and family members along.

Winners and finalists will be presented with their prizes at our end-of-season round robin, BBQ and Annual General Meeting to be held on October 4 at the club. All club members are invited. Please come out for this popular event as space is limited. Leave your name with the Court Monitors and you will be contacted later with the details.

For more details, contact the clubhouse at 416-483-4546

Rules and Regulations

1. To sign up for the tournament, you must be prepared to play on any day between September 4 and 21, 2003. Matches shall be played as scheduled on the Tournament Drawsheets that will be posted in the clubhouse and on the website after Labour Day. If you are late for a scheduled match, there shall be a 10-minute grace period following which you may be defaulted at the discretion of the person (or team) that was on time.

2. Tournament participants will receive one complimentary call before all first round matches. However, participants without an answering machine will be responsible for determining their first round schedule.

3. Changes to the draw must be kept to a minimum. This will ensure that the tournament remains on schedule and that the finals can be played on the same weekend (September 20?21). A match may be rescheduled if both parties agree, provided that (a) it is up to you to do the rescheduling, and (b) if a match is rescheduled, it must be completed before the scheduled date and time of the next round, failing which the Tournament Director reserves the right to toss a coin to decide the winner. Players must arrive for their matches 10 minutes prior to the start of their court booking to check-in at the clubhouse. Warm-up time is 10 minutes.

4. All A matches will be best 2 of 3 sets, 7-point tiebreaker at 5-5. All B matches and junior matches will be pro 10 (first to reach 10 games) with a 7-point tie breaker at 9-9. Deuce games will be three points. In the event of a rain interruption, play must start from the last point played.

5. No coaching or outside interference is allowed once a match has begun.

6. Balls. Each participant will bring a NEW can of balls to each match. The winner of the match keeps the new balls for the next round and the loser keeps the used balls. Balls will be provided for the finals only!

7. Winners must inform the Court Monitor in the clubhouse of the match result immediately upon completion of the match. If the clubhouse is closed, winners shall leave a message on the clubhouse answering machine (416-483-4546) on the day of the match. The scores will then be recorded by the Court Monitors on the Tournament Drawsheets posted in the clubhouse.

8. Please call the lines fairly and give the benefit of the doubt to your opponents for close calls.

9. Rules shall follow the same format as dictated by the OTA (watch those foot-faults!).

10. The Tournament Directorís decision is binding in case of any disputes.


Linda Shick, Tournament Director
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