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New Program for 2014 - Ladders

Ladders give players the opportunity to play singles matches with a variety of players in a competitive, but friendly environment. There are Ladders for both Men and Women.

The Ladder Season will run from May 25th to October 25th

The Ladder costs $25 for the season. Registration and payment will be online.

The type of Ladder that we are playing is called a Box Ladder. There will be up to 5 people in a box. The intention is that you will play each person in the box during each month. At the beginning of the month you can view your Ladder by clicking the Gametime Ladder option and arrange matches with your box opponents. All scores will be entered by the participants directly on Gametime which will keep track of the standings.

You can join a ladder at any time, however new entrants will only begin play at the beginning of the following month. At the end of each month (the 24th), the Ladder will be shuffled. The top 2 players will move up a box, the bottom 2 players will move down a box, and any new players will be added.

When you begin play, you will be placed in a Box with players of similar skill levels. A Ladder is meant to give everyone a competitive match so identifying your current skill level is important. Click here to identify your skill level.

All Ladder Matches are one hour including warm-up. Scoring is similar to House League. The Ladder match consists of up to 14 games with each game won being worth a single point. A 3 point deuce should be played at 40 – 40. Should you run out of time the score recorded will be that at the end of the last completed game.

For example Player A defeats Player B by a score of 8-6. Player A gets 8 points and Player B gets 6 points.

Bonus Points: Each player shall receive an additional 2 bonus point for any matches played during the weekdays before 4 pm. Therfore in the above example Player A gets 10 points and Player B gets 8 points.

Go to the following webpage to register and pay for the ladder. Please put your rating in the comment box when you check out and pay.

Season Winners
Prizes are awarded separately for the Men’s and Women’s Ladders. Ladder winners shall be the players with the most accumulated total points on each ladder.
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